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If you live on any of the Hawaiian Islands other than Kauai, or even elsewhere in the Pacific Rim region, we would like to offer these online courses to you as well.
We certainly encourage you to consider utilizing this great resource. You simply need to purchase the course you need from the PURCHASE NOW page, and we will be automatically notified of your purchase. We will then send you the course "key code" via email that you will use when you enter the e-learning portal at the American Heart Association site.

If your course requires a skills demonstration at course end to receive your certification, we will help you find an AHA certified instructor near you. When you meet briefly with that instructor at your convenience, and successfully demonstrate your CPR (or other) skills, you will have completed the final step in meeting certification requirements.

This instructor will then notify us you have passed the demonstration part of your requirements, and we can then mail you (actual mail) your certification card.
Your certification is good for two (2) years from time it is issued.

We look forward to our neighbor island friends being able to also take their certification classes on line with ease and convenience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Aloha from Steve and Cheryl Ann Farrell

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