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American Heart Association Standards
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Go to the PURCHASING AND CHECKOUT page and fill in your personal information and course choice(s) for purchase. You will be directed to use the PayPal process for EITHER a credit/debit card or by your personal PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you do not need to set up a PayPal Account to pay with your credit card. Just proceed to PayPal and choose the credit card option within PayPal operations.

If you wish to arrange an in-person payment with cash or check, simply notify Hearts4Kauai in advance and we will issue your course access code in lieu of pending payment.

This course does NOT launch automatically. After payment is made, we are notified of your payment via email and will forward all the information you need to access the course: URL, instructions AND the "KEY CODE" which allows access to the course online. This is usually done within a day of your order and payment.

When at the URL website, enter the "KEY CODE" as a new user if this is your first time using our system. You'll be asked to complete some registration including a log in and password and then can begin your course.

Feel free to exit and re-enter the course using your login and password at your convenience until you have completed your course. Each time you exit and return, you'll be brought back to where you last stopped.

When you have finished, contact us to schedule the skills check with one of our instructors. This is done in "real time" by making a short appointment with one of our authorized instructors nearest you at your convenience. Email or phone us to assist you with finding the best time and instructor to view the skills you have acquired by
completing the course.

The instructor will need to watch you go through the basic steps of CPR before you are eligible to receive your final certification. You will actually be demonstrating on one of our manikin's the steps and methods you have learned.

Cards are issued by the training center on Kauai at Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital after verification of course completion is submitted. Cards will be mailed to the address recorded on the course roster. Training centers have up to 30 days to issue all certification cards. A letter of verification can be made available in the interim.

You will be contacted automatically when a course renewal is required. Renewals are required every 2 years.

Group discounts for large groups (more than 12) and non-profit organizations. Contact us today for quotes. (Organizations using purchase order process please contact us for assistance).

  • Heartsaver First Aid Online (part 1) $40.00
  • Heartsaver CPR & AED Online (part 1) $60.00
  • Heartsaver First Aid Online with CPR & AED $75.00
  • HeartCode® BLS Online Part 1 $75.00
  • Acute Stroke Online $40.00
  • Stroke Prehospital Care Online $36.00
  • Pet First Aid & CPR - $35.00 Note: Pet First Aid and CPR. (Product #35-1200) Payment only for on-site classes; online instruction not available.
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